The Inexorable Nemesis

by Desecrate Ethereal

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A concept release, based on Homo sapiens manufacturing intelligent alien life in the form of humanoids that develop a consciousness and begin destroying the human race... which in turn means the humans have to abandon Earth and re-locate to an exoplanet to repopulate.


released May 12, 2017

This 5-track EP, 'The Inexorable Nemesis' (2016), was recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by Ben 'B-REX' Monroe of Audio Aggregate Recordings in Des Moines, Iowa. This EP is a 20+ minute, righteous exhibition of heavy guitars, bludgeoning bass and sickeningly fast drumming.

After playing as an instrumental piece for a year, Marcus Schwager was recruited from Omaha, NE to write and perform some powerful high end, wide range vocals with mid-range lows and gutturals in moderation. After a short process, lyrics were then added to the EP to make the final mix for their debut EP, "The Inexorable Nemesis" being released May 12th 2017.

With a few line up changes and exploring the sound we wished to accomplish, the last member of the band was added. Maurice Cady; also guitarist of local band Doppelgänger, was added as the final piece to this intense machine of death. With all of the members having mastered their skills and bringing their own genre of metal to the table, we plan to bring the best of those genres to you in one, broad and deadly stroke. We give you: DESECRATE ETHEREAL

Desecrate Ethereal members:

Nick Jordan - Guitars
Tanner Jensen - Drums
Brian Gates - Fretless Bass
Marcus Schwager - Vocalist
Maurice Cady - Guitars



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Desecrate Ethereal Des Moines, Iowa

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Track Name: The Inexorable Nemesis
Annihilation, of your nation
Fuck your world domination
Forget what you've been taught
Expose your third eye

Subjected in this filth
We've managed to fulfill
Humans; parasites in disguise
We the chosen will survive
Track Name: Elusion Of Extinction
You seem to think that this is all a game
Your access to your privilege no longer remains.

You must remember the steps we've taken to bring us to our end. Blacken the skies like it was your last curtain call.

You've created a means for total destruction.
Released it upon yourselves without worry of repercussion.
From this comes consequence and an endless age of winter, so cold and empty after disease and fire take over.

Perceive time as I do; looking through these eyes
A feeble attempt to solve things has caused your own demise.
A troubling answer in an attempt to end war,
you will just kill yourselves as a result of it all.

Here is your prophecy
Close your eyes quickly
This is the end
Of your own species

The solace you seek, a place that no longer exists. A place where ghosts roam.
(A place where ghosts roam.)

You've created apocalypse because of your messiah. You could pray for an Elusion of extinction... NO!

An elusion of your extinction:
You've created an illusion
Of your own safety
It's kept you dormant behind your television.
Thinking you have a voice.

It's an illusion
Track Name: The Void
The Void

How can I truly exist
When I don't belong here in the first place?
The sub-microton dust has settled,
containing the panspermia virus.

You're a pile of sick
convincing the populace
you are what's divine
they need you to survive

Nibriu, I call on thee, come and set them free. Your presence can not wait so just resume their course of fate.
The obelisks are set in place, Anglo Saxons upon our face, I'm afraid it is too late.
(It is too late)

Violence becomes a way of existence
when all you feel is hateful persistence.
These lessons will not lessen.

Violence becomes a way of existence
when all you feel is hateful persistence.
These lessons will not lessen.

You must seek the truth (looking into your swimming mind)
This is part of you (humanity is insanity)
You will own up to (karma in its deepest form)
All the shit you do (relinquish yourself)

Open the portal to our vessel
Have you seen one before?
It's special.

Your extrasensory, perception
is calcified.

Open the portal to our vessel
Have you seen one before?
It's special.

Your extrasensory, perception
is calcified.

The axiom of why we are still here,
is because we do not have the resources to leave.
Fossil fuels are unrelated, we despise the drills that have regurgitated a previous species now outdated and it's depleting faster than anticipated.

Finally, we can return home.
It is where we belong
Get me off this cancer stone.
We've been patient, laying dormant, remaining silent, withstanding torment, gaining knowledge in the human landfill; rotting.

Returning home through The Void
Track Name: Xenomorphs
Abominations, is what fills this planet.
Humans, spill blood we've observed it and no longer stand it.
Sickly and weakened from your own indisposition, Repercussion must be dealt with. Bring forth the carnage of exposition.

Time has no meaning or construct.
Existence as you know it is abstract

Death; a feeble concept you are able to accept.
Expanding through the abyss we've collapsed all possible return. Celestial beings; excavate and cultivate what is needed, to retaliate with pent up hate making sure our species is seeded.

Foreseen scribes and scriptures
Explains the blackened picture

Gravity dismissed like a passive
control device on a broken in half ship
Discharged, disengaged in the Atlantic.
Passengers, screaming and frantic.

Something lingers deep in our being
Only we can reach this height of ecstasy
Reach out and obtain what we have
Before you let it slip out of your grasp

Don't forget that this is over.
Completely over
Come back to your own reality

Awaken, rise draconian brothers
bathe this rock with the fluids of the damned.
Return to the surface to which you were banned

With a single lighting strike
Opens a dimension where only beast of your worst nightmares pour out of the surface. Reclaim this sad excuse for a planet in a solar system where they truly believe that they are alone.

Cleanse this earth
Rid them all

Space dementia
Is sinking into
Those who fell for
The lies they told you.
Your simple structure
Incapable of flight
Through the black hole
We must travel through